Monday, July 03, 2006


Opponent Profiling & The World Cup

Hand History databases and Opponent Profiling have been a part of online poker for some time now, but just today it was revealed that the power of databases played a crucial role in a seemingly less likely arena. Berlin's Olympiastadion, to be specific...

German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann saved two Argentine penalties in the deciding penalty shoot-out, and dived the right way for the other three. How did he do it? Thorough preparation.

The Guardian (UK)

"His manager at Schalke...Huub responsible for a personal database of 13,000 penalty kicks. Lehmann used this archive against Inter and, prior to the Argentina game, he telephoned Stevens."

"The 36-year-old goalkeeper already had the benefit of the German FA's database...and collated the information about who takes Argentina's penalties and how they take them...For Argentina's second penalty-taker, Roberto Ayala, it said: "Ayala - look at shooting foot, left low." Sure enough, Ayala placed the ball low to Lehmann's left and it was advantage Germany."